BFO3033 – I’m Back!

The Fat One is back in the Villa and has a recap of his visit to Hatlanta and the Hatarina’s funeral. Many thanks for all the good wishes and kind thoughts.

Farewell Hatarina!

The Fat One will be away for a little while handling family business with the passing of the Hatarina. She left us peacefully and I can only hope that being her Executor will also be peaceful. Talk with you all soon!

The Hatarina, Me and the Orange Hat

BFO3021 – Voiceletterpalooza Part 1

The Fat One is in Hatlanta so there’s a Hatarina Update but today is mainly an attempt to catch up on voiceletters. Happy National Chop Suey Day!

BFO2997 – Aggavated

The Fat One is back in the Villa and has a recap of the final day in Hatlanta and the trip back plus there’s the coupon and something mysterious in the Villa mailbox. Happy National Hot Fudge Sundae Day.

BFO2996 – Between a Field of Corn and a Field of Wheat

The Fat One is on his way back to the Villa but recorded today’s LITTLE show which is full of nattering, voiceletters and much, much more. Happy Humping!

BFO2995 – Sincere Thanks to the Pride48 Family

The Fat One has a Hatarina update before playing several voiceletters and answering some Ask Big Fatty questions. Happy National Vanilla Ice Cream Day.

BFO2994 – Little Odometer

The Fat One is in Hatlanta but has a LITTLE show filled with nattering, voiceletters and an Ask Big Fatty question. Happy Monday.

BFO2978 – Partials – REPOST


The Fat One is in Hatlanta and has an update of his week plus a few pre-recorded things from before his departure. Happy weekend!

BFO2959 – Bumper Cars

The Fat One is back in the Villa with a Hatarina update and a recap of the weekend. Happy National Egg Day.

BFO2957 – Fern Gully

The Fat One is back with a BFO classic for Memory Lane and lots of nattering, an Ask Big Fatty question and a Catarina update. Happy National Mint Julep Day.