7 thoughts on “BFO402 – Hobnobs

  1. Weenur uses the HP sauce like ketchup, but it tastes like A1 steak sauce.

    Weenur will also be jealous of all the British candy, I will now need to place an order with the shoppe.

  2. I was going to include a bottle of Heinz Salad Cream,
    but I didn’t want to scare BigFatty.

    I recommend saving the HP sauce for bacon sandwiches.

    The Hobnob biscuit, despite it’s unfortunate name, is probably the greatest biscuit ever baked. Every home should have a packet.

    Hmm… actually maybe I should listen to the podcast….

  3. HP sauce on a bacon sandwich is fucking fantastic…but not on American bacon.

    Not such a fan of the Hobnob…more of a Jaffa Cake man.

  4. Sir, if you are implying that Jaffa cakes are BISCUITS, I shall have to ask you to step outside. At dawn.

  5. No implication intended, mate. Just prefer one to the other.

    However, I have been known to step out with strange men…but usually well before dawn. Mornings are not my best time.

  6. Speaking of f*cking machines and the OTHER horror, if you google them, you can find video of Stephen Geoffreys (as Sam Ritter) being done up the ass by them. No knives though. HP is awesome on meat pies.

  7. @John In Ely:

    Ah, in that case, may your day be a chocolatey, orangey and spongey one.

    …And may you all find a packet of milk chocolate digestives in the back of your cupboards.

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