9 thoughts on “BFO401 – Charge-a-plate

  1. Dear Mr. Fatty your order of 5 pallets of Pop Rocks has been confirmed.Urban myth of people suffocating from lack of oxygen is just that.Happy popping.

  2. Back in my younger days (before Derek) the poprocks were involved in the blow jobs. It’s kinda messy, but it can be fun.

    Love the artwork Lauren!

  3. I love how Big Fatty said “Charge Plate”. When I worked at JC Penney in high school, the OLD people used to come up to me and use that term when they needed to pay their bill. (;

    Glad you like the new logo, BF, I had fun making it! Ooohhh!!

  4. I too got the big laugh out of the term “charge plate”. Haven’t heard that since I worked in the credit department at the Denver Dry Goods company. It was a favourite term of the blue/purple/pink rinse crowd. What a throwback. Thanks for the laughs, Big Fatty! 🙂

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