6 thoughts on “BFO409 – Gazing with Big Fatty

  1. Yes, he’s a fat ass but all I have to say today is AMEN, Big Fatty!
    Oh, and I love how the Fat One turned Auntie Vera’s volume down. Typical podcaster.

  2. Thanks to both of you old people for sharing a bit more about yourselves. Nice to get a peek behind the curtain, as it were, to learn just how sweet you both are (and to see how much you love each other).

    Thanks For Being Fat Kisses,

    Tom in Chicago

  3. When Vera guests on a codpast, I must follow, or there is hell to pay. I am not in the habit of correcting people, but I’ll make an exception here: AVC has in fact interviewed another person (in addition to Gooch), on her show. It appears on episode # 265, that’s episode # 265, of Vera Speaks for Real.

  4. I can hardly wait for another HagCast. Please have Auntie tell us more about the olden days and about how bitter she is. Thanks Big Fatty. “Yer Fat”

  5. What a wonderful show again – I really love listening to the both of you. Excellent interview!
    Please do this more often!!!!

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