BFO2062 – A Scissors

The Fat One closes out the week with nattering about tonight’s Chrima party at the Villa, plus we check the Mexicna calendar, another Vader and Bacon Show, a scratch-off and e-letter reading. Happy weekend!


7 thoughts on “BFO2062 – A Scissors

  1. Good gracious. My iPod did not update in the night.

    Some may call that a blessing in disguise.


    Laffingbuddha is behind.


    You didn’t get me. lol


  2. I hope we get a cocktail reports from the little Homosexual Chrima party!


  3. Ok, I think the Fat One is slipping.

    In todays episode, during Kathy Bacon’s call, she said that something was chewing her carpet and then she went on about scissoring. Not a Kim Beaver joke to be had…


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