BFO3042 – Tinkering in the Bushes

The Fat One is on his way to Hatlanta for the week but has a recap of his Monday in Fat Acres and a checklist of favorite Halloween candies! Plus you’re guaranteed to get a song stuck in your head. Poor ThatPeterG. Happy National Fluffernutter Day.

CLICK HERE to see the Price is Right video mentioned on the LITTLE show.

2 thoughts on “BFO3042 – Tinkering in the Bushes

  1. California’s favorite Halloween candy is Lifesavers?
    Is this tabulation peer-reviewed?

    Thoughts are with you in Hatlanta…

    Cathy in San Franceeeesco

  2. Hope you have a good week in Hat-lanta.

    Settling an estate is a rough job. Hope it goes smoothly.

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