8 thoughts on “BFO19 – Gazing With the Godfather

  1. I did not know that Archerr didn’t like crowds. I also had no idea he’d travelled so little. See? I told you Big Fatty Online was educational! You guys are welcome at our casa anytime. Finger back atcha!

  2. “You look so young today” – “Look at my goatee, it’s getting grey” – “Oh yea, that’s why I keep em short on the sides, so that the grey doesn’t shine”

    Oh Lord – that was like a wheel chair race in a nursing home. What’s next? A blood pressure measurement contest? And my cholesterol level beats yours?

    How can you give the finger so easily with all that gouty arthritis?!

    Oh we love our Grandes Dames du Podcasting – hahahaha 🙂

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