7 thoughts on “BFO20 – BF has a Zit

  1. How many of the brain washed masses purposefully listen to this drivel?
    Do you have any real stats yet?

  2. Thanks for the multiple birthday shout-outs! You know, you really have SuperBee to blame for the iPhone-a-palooza. If he never got me one, I never would have announced it on Archer’s show, and the subsequent onslaught would have never happened. Speaking of SuperBee and Donna Reed… you should see him vacuuming in his pearls and heels. And little else.

  3. I’ve drawn the attention of the Fat One. Now I know I’ve hit the big time!

    I don’t have an iPhone. I have a 3 1/2-year old cell phone. Well, it’s more like a tin can, and I have to call the Hooterville operator and have her connect my string person-to-person. My friends tell me to get a new phone because I can’t really receive text messages on my string. They think I’m ignoring them because I don’t respond.

    And I love Donna Reed!

  4. This was one of your funniest episodes ever. I was laughing out loud when I heard Wes’ interview with you on his show, and loved hearing it again.

    Donna Reed! That was one of my favourite shows, though I think I saw it mostly in re-runs. As soon as you said “Clutch your pearls, girls” I guessed it–and go all excited, but not enough to touch myself inappropriately (that was later, at the memory of Jeff). Speaking of Jeff, Paul Peterson later became an advocate for child actors. I think he may even have tried to help Dana Plato, but it may have been another seriously f***ed up former child actor.

    You know, your Australian accents soudned either English or like one of those eccentric funny bit characters in movies of the 1940s. Maybe Scotty can tutor you.

    And I am sooooooo glad your zit wasn’t the art for this episode…. in fact, I think we all are.

  5. We don’t have iPhones, we bought the Samsung Juke last fall for each of us.
    I want a small phone for my pocket.
    We do each have an ipod, hubby bought me a Touch last summer and I bought him a 30GB ipod 2 years ago while I was working on my Masters.
    Until the get the damn prices down and stop charging outrageous fees we won;t line up and become a borg.

  6. I’m so DAMN honored to be in your Fat Favs, but you knew that already.

    And now you’ve gone and mentioned me agan and I’m kvelling like you can’t believe.

    I ADORE you Big Fatty. Thank you.

    Butt Zitt kisses,

  7. I need an iPhone too! I think it’s time to start a collection for us to get one.

    My real birthday month isn’t until May. That is when everyone can send me things.

    Congrats on being #21 in Australia!

    The interview with Wes from Live It Up! was great! He did an amazing editing job.

    When you said clutch your pearls and started playing the music, I knew right away it was Donna Reed. I remember that show. I watched in reruns and loved it. I didn’t remember the names of the kids though. I love your Memory Lane Music segments!

    That zit report was a bit TMI!

    Have a great trip!

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