BFO620 – Time to Start Livin’

The Fat One runs down the Pride48 weekend schedule and reminds you that the best way to listen and participate is to purchase the BFO Full Fat App in the iTunes or Android stores.  All profits go to Pride48.  PLUS BF reveals the song he is singing tonight during Tiara Horror 6.  Happy Weekend.

4 thoughts on “BFO620 – Time to Start Livin’

  1. Remember the scene in Jaws when Capt. Quint scratches the chalkboard?
    I just did…

  2. The BFO app is brilliant! Thank goodness the English do better programming than they play soccer 🙂 LOL

    Sorry Steven 🙂

    I love listening to pride48 on the app. It is so easy. It is only 1.99$, or 87 Euro cent 🙂

  3. Since I don’t have an iPhone and the iTouch is not mine, I made my donation directly to the P48 website. Consider my dues paid – so I hope I don’t remember it next Monday after it is over :).

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