4 thoughts on “BFO171 – Podcasting Aids

  1. Yeah! You’re back. Glad you made it through your drunken haze.

    The last Biloxi Blues update? Heavens no! hahaha

    I did not know the Memory Lane Music….Julia was before my time.

  2. BFO 171 @ 2:42 Did you say it was a very LONG weekend? Freudian slip maybe? Was Og Lord put there to throw us off the scent?(manscent that is)Hmm…very well done Mr. Fatty.

  3. I am glad to hear you are feeling better. I hope you can answer a question for me. I am not a theater person and I always wondered why most Sunday productions are matinees. Is that because the set needs to be disassembled or is there some other historical reason?

  4. great show, blah blah blah, YOU’RE FAT!

    oh and diahann carroll is timeless and wonderful (was this the episode that u talkd about that show ‘julia’?) she was on the view this week, and kinda got a jab or two in at sarah palin

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