BFO172 – Snowflake’s Birthday Month

NOTE:  I’ve reposted the audio which I tried to fix.  Probably still RUINED though.

Sweet Mother of God!  It’s October and that means the unending, relentless nattering of Archer’s birthday month.  So get ready for that.  The Fat One also talks about Miss Wes, Eric the Southern Boy, British John and the Shut In.  20 minutes of pure yack.

6 thoughts on “BFO172 – Snowflake’s Birthday Month

  1. RUINED! The audio on this show has to be among the worst you’ve produced. Of course I was totally distracted by all the talk of my birthday month (which it isn’t) so I didn’t notice it too much. I think someone must have some kind of crush on me when they spend so much of their podcast focused on me. hehehe

  2. Dearest Fat One,

    Once again, it’s the pseudo-birthday MONTH for the SNOWFLAKE/DAFFODIL who falls off of beds (or was she pushed?). Oh Lord, deliver us and let us ALL unsubscribe from the TMI.

    Hugs to the BF!

  3. That’s the noise you get when you have that many George Foreman grills running at the same time.

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