6 thoughts on “BB Sneak Peek Photos #4

  1. Dearest Fat One,

    Recruit No. 2 is the WINNER (or is that weiner/) in the Showing Box For The Team Contest. She looks a bit like Miss Wes in the profile shot so she’s the PRETTY ONE although Miss Wes is way svelte in comparison. Recruit No. 6 is then the First Runner-up. The black socks gives the “boys” that vintage porno look. There’s nothing like attention to detail. Just sayin’

    Hugs to The Fat One and best of luck with the production!

  2. That’s quite a speed bump in recruit number 2’s shorts. Sad all the rest look like a Ken Barbie doll.

  3. I agree with the rest pf the posters. #2 is the keeper any day. Perfect candidate for the casting couch!

  4. If memory serves, the second guy is the character “Wachowski” (spelling?), and he is described by Eugene Jerome as having a “permanent erection,” so it’s right that he would be sporting wood in the photo. Nice to see that Big Fatty is not missing any details in this production!

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