4 thoughts on “BFO142 – Big, Fat Yeast Rolls

  1. I got full credit for the Memory Lane Music guess today. I actually watched Archie Bunker’s Place when it was on TV.

    Meat-a-terian is a perfect description of me. I love it!

    I’m curious to hear about the AirPort Extreme working in your high rise building. I used to have it and got terrible interference from wireless phones. Have you experienced anything like that?

    Love the pictures of the hot boys in your play. That last picture looks like one guy has a little woodie in his boxers. hehehe

  2. I refrained from commenting on the pictures because I was so dazzled by the sets.

    It really does make you feel as though you are in 1940’s Mississippi.

  3. I knew the music to “Archie Bunker’s Place”, too, but I didn’t watch the show much. Actually, I thought it was the second-worst “All in the Family” spin-off; the worst had to be “Gloria”.

    We have an AirPort Extreme and it works great, although our main computras are linked through wires.

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