BFO143 – Faye on a Podcaster Tour

The Fat One has some voiceletters, “Memory Lane” music and another installment of “Match What’s on BF’s Inappropriate Touch.” Oh, and there’s a storm a comin’!

NOTE: This show was reposted with the vocals corrected.   Delete the show and download again if you had trouble hearing my voice… or just be happy that your prayers have been answered… a quiet BF.

5 thoughts on “BFO143 – Faye on a Podcaster Tour

  1. Audio ruination!!! You had your levels backasswards. I’m the first to bitch, I’m the first to bitch!!

  2. I guess I got the good copy of the show because it sounded fine to me.

    Yes, we do buy lots of wine but I’ll have you know it’s the boyfriend who buys the wine. I don’t have any money to buy wine.

    I hope Fay stays away from my area. Stay dry!

  3. i kind of like the soft voice version it’s like you were whispering to me.
    now all my dreams have come true. love you big fatty thanks sky

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