6 thoughts on “BFO141 – Olympic Fever and Other Craziness

  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU… I have thought for weeks that I’m the only person who thinks Michael Phelps is a hideous troll monster.

    Skulling, not new. It’s group rowing! (Oh…but you said that, didn’t ya!)

    Synchronized diving, not new. Girl, for reals. Have you EVER really seen the Olympics?!?

    Regarding the quiz:
    1: No. Whew. Not gay.
    2: No. HATE cats. Not gay.
    3: No. Don’t do sugar. Not gay. LOVE BBQ ribs and the like. Not gay.
    4: No. I shit in my backyard and pee in my work sink. Not gay.
    5: No. Strong n’ black is all that’s necessary. (Opps, that sounded gay)
    6: No. Color blind. Not gay.
    7: No. I drive with my knee and/or doinger. Not gay.
    8: NO? Can’t send it off, cuz it was read to me. Not gay.

    I’ve always known I was a bad gay…but to not be gay at all, that hurts me.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. The guys from the play are quite HOT! I don’t know if I could keep myself from hitting on them. hehehe

    I am NOT watching the Olympics at all. I do see what the medal count is on the news but that’s it. I also happen to agree that Michael Phelps is not that good looking. He’s got a HUGE chin. It looks odd.

    I haven’t thought of a song that might be on your Touch but if I do, I’ll call Larry.

  3. Hay Big Fatty,

    Synchronized diving is not a new sport to the Olypmics. It’s been there for quite some time. The competitors in the last Olympics where the Dumais boys.


    Your Birthday present is coming soon. I’ve been sick last week and could not move for several days.


    1 Got the abs

    2. No cat

    3. Don’ do sugar. Everything else, yup – not gay.

    4. No

    5. Don’t do caffeine

    6. Faggot!

    7. Speed Racer

    8 Fuck No!

    Love Ya!

  4. I am not Gay eather.

    Hay ^_^

    I am a new listener and I am glad that I found your show. ^_^

  5. I have the Olympic fever too especially the swimming and gymnastics

    1 – No
    2 – Yes
    3 – No
    4 – No
    5 – No
    6 – Yes on desserts but not on the colors
    7 – No lol on meat missle yummy
    8 – No

    Guess I am not gay my momma will be proud – thanks for sharing this bs 🙂

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