BFO2225 – Honest Mistake

The Fat One starts the LITTLE show with egg on his face but finishes with the first half of the weekend update that includes Big Brother and Olympics chat and a Gentleman Caller report. Happy National Frozen Custard Day.


BFO2224 – Fart Sportsball

The Fat One closes out the week with some sports ball chat before taking several voice letters which include numerous Ask Big Fatty questions. Happy Weekend!


BFO1575 – Government Orifice

The Fat One natters a bit before sharing the Superb Owl facts he forgot yesterday. Then it’s the beginning of catching up on Miss Bacon’s calls. Happy National Chopsticks Day.


BFO1574 – Bacon Brownie

The Fat One previews the Winter Games that start on Friday but also has time to play lots of voice letters. Happy Humping.

Here’s the link to the Brain Fart song.


BFO1174 – Olympic Fever in the UhK

Get a cold rag, the Fat One has come down with Olympic Fever (plus he upgraded to Mountain Lion and is confused). There are voiceletters and general nattering on the final weekend of Census month.

BFO542 – Inflatable Beaver

Whew!  The Fat One FINALLY finishes talking about the weekend and about the closing ceremonies of the Olympics.  PLUS there’s a big surprise that has BF giggling like a little school girl.

BFO141 – Olympic Fever and Other Craziness

Big Fatty has the Olympic fever and it obviously causes an increased amount of nattering. He does, however, play a couple of odd voiceletters just to prove he’s not the ONLY crazy one out there.  Oh and there’s a quiz too!