BFO3718 – Lurker Bumpah #3

Señor El Mucho Gordo recaps his day in Fat Acres which includes the coupon, a gentleman caller report and much more… plus there’s even a voiceletter. Happy National Hoagie Day.

BFO3708 – Antioxidant Blend

The Fat One recaps his day in Fat Acres which included a trip to the Costco and the coupon. Plus there’s time for several voiceletters. Happy National Tea Day.

BFO3162 – BF Loves a Sharting Lurker

We wrap up Shart Week with lots of nattering and several shart stories including one from the Fat One himself. Happy Social Distancing Weekend!

CLICK HERE to see the video from Miss Beaver about the farting weatherman in Alabama.

CLICK HERE to hear the Walmart Shart Song from the Patron Saint of the BFO.

BFO2944 – Town Crier!

The Fat One kicks off the week with a weekend recap (mainly a Hatarina update) and two rather interesting stories from BFO listeners… PLUS a late entry into Lurker Week!
Happy Monday.