BFO3852 – Playing for Magic Beans

The Fat One recaps his day in Fat Acres which includes a recap of what he told you yesterday about going to his new doctor, a visit to the vampire, a free chicken sammitch, the coupon and an update on property taxes. Happy National Vanilla Cupcake Day.

BFO3807 – Vons East LF FF HG

The Fat One is on his way to the Metropolis Entertainment Complex for the weekend but takes time to recap his day in Fat Acres which included a visit downtown, a gas report, the coupon and a voiceletter. Happy National Date Nut Bread Day.

BFO3772 – Sailor Talk

The Fat One visits downtown several times on today’s LITTLE show but does share his feelings on the raunchier Love Island and his savings at the Von’s East. There’s even a Random Actor Kindness thrown in. Happy National Junk Food Day… please alert old crooked hat!

BFO3763 – Checking for Ticks

The Fat One is back with an explanation of the tardiness of the Hump Day LITTLE show before nattering about his day in Fat Acres. Plus there’s Big Brother drama and a coupon filled with ice cream. Happy World Chocolate Day.

BFO3693 – Fred in IT

After the Vulgarian National Anthem, Big Fatty proclaims that March is going out like a LION before he catches us up on things he forgot earlier and then a recap of his day. There’s even a giftette. Happy National Oranges and Lemons Day.