BFO140 – No more Birthday Stuff… Well, not much!

The Fat One is done with the birthday voiceletters but does read a card from Miss Wes before giving you a “Biloxi Blues” update and some “Memory Lane” music.  But mainly, he just natters as he drives the train.


  1. Shipoopi! Was this Thursday’s show or Friday’s? It didn’t download for me earlier today.

  2. Boo to you Big Fatty!!! You read all the shit from Wes’ letter to us – but the interesting stuff you keep to yourself 🙁
    I hope you had great fun with it during your little special time – now I am jealous!

  3. I vote that you do what YOU want for episode 150.

  4. If it is too much work don’t do all of the songs but as arthur said do what you want