5 thoughts on “BFO139 – Birthday Wishes – The Finalé

  1. Well, thank dog THAT’S over! Just kidding, sounds like you had lotsa love on your birthday—the best present of all! And, yes, I DID know the Mystery Lane music (I watched the show.. I have no idea why). Happy Birthday!

  2. Dear Bessie. I thought this was turning into Archerr’s birthday month.

    Did you happen to catch the “The New Newlweds” game show that was on this list season? It was pretty good. Similar format, but the folks lived together for like 3 weeks and participated in “Survivoresque” type challenges. And I SWEAR the host was Bob Eubanks, but ain’t he dead?

    Congrats AVC.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the song and I hope it gives you lots of giggles. It’s just a little payback for all the giggles you’ve given me.

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