5 thoughts on “BFO150 – Sesquicentennial

  1. Happy 150th! My call wasn’t a drunky call. I was at a concert and thought about you. The song was Mad About You by Belinda Carlisle. I know I should have called Larry. Oh well.

  2. May your Sesquicentennial be as eventful as mine!

    You are now enlisting others in your evil plan to deprive me of sleep? Is there no depth deep enough to which you will not sink!?!?!

    Laughed out loud last night and woke up Gooch.

    Yawning kisses,

  3. In Mike Huntry?

    Who is Mike Huntry?

    And why is British John in him?

    I thought he was straight.

  4. Yes, I AM looking for information on Dear Gussie/Gussy. My agents are scouring the globe right now, and by “agents” I mean me and Google. However, I believe I will find the turh and it will set me free. Or, maybe it’ll just end the curiousity. Tough to know which at this stage.

    Happy 140th plus 10!!

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