7 thoughts on “BFO147 – HORRAH Recap

  1. Um, “Woody Woodpecker” always makes me think of church, because they showed us kids those movies while the grownups held their meetings and such. Does it make you think of church? Or just the organ?

  2. Strike that, it’s early morning in the US as I write this, The Pants off Express has surely pulled up to the bumper. Thanks Grace.

  3. Okay. That’s three in a row. Last three minutes. My name said in vain. Me waking up with a start because I heard my name and having to rewind the show. I guess that’s one way to get me to listen all the way through….. 😉

    Sleep disturbed kisses,

  4. Sounds like you had a great weekend at the Horrah. You certainly keep yourself busy there.

    Congrats on being selected as Man of the Year. That’s great!

    I did recognize the Memory Lane Music but didn’t watch the show when it was in reruns.

  5. You would think that as fat as you are you’d know that we DO have the Brusters Ice Cream stands all over town. POOR OLD FAT THING DON’T KNOW.

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