BFO1992 – Vegas 2015 Part 3

The Fat One closes out the week with the FINAL ruined LITTLE show from Lost Wages. Thanks again to Auntie Vera Charles for the “Surprise of a Lifetime with Gooch.” Happy weekend.


BFO1991 – Vegas 2015 Part 2

The old gal is back along with those Darling Children for Part 2 of the Fat One’s LIVE show in Vegas.


BFO1990 – Vegas 2015 Part 1

The Fat One is surprised by the appearance on the Old Gal, the Vonz and the Sea Hag during his live LITTLE show at the Pride48 Expo in Lost Wages. Happy Humping!


BFO1989 – Out of the Blue

The Fat One natters about what’s coming up later this week before playing some voice letters and doing the scratch-offs that Str8 Bob sent him from the future. Happy National Biscuit Month.


BFO1982 – Fun Hogs

The Fat One has an update on the Pride48 Expo activities on today’s LITTLE show plus a Gentleman Caller report. Happy Pride48 Weekend!


BFO1980 – Vegas Baby! – Corrected

The Fat One recaps his day of travel to Lost Wages and has a few surprises too. Happy Humping.


BFO1215 – Catch the Motor Train

The Fat one is back and feeling much better. There’s a recap of the trip home from Lost Wages plus a review of the weekend to include a Granny Report. Happy National Cherries Jubilee Day.

BFO1175 – The Queen Was Constipated

The Fat One is closing down Census month with some e-letters before giving a Vegas Update and the start of the Weekend Update. It’s your last chance to participate in the BFO Census! Thanks, as always, to Miss LaLaLaLauren for this month’s special artwork.

BFO946 – Saving Postage

The Fat One is on his way to Vegas but not before recording today’s LITTLE SHOW.  There’s a little news and some updates and ALOT of nattering.  Poor Big Fatty.

BFO945 – Hottie Machine

The Fat One natters about the upcoming quiz program premieres and even has some time for a Vegas update and some “Memory Lane Music.”  Happy Humping.