BFO2700 – Farewell to the Old Gal

Rabbit, Rabbit! The Fat One is at Rat World and it’s the Old Gal’s last regular Friday LITTLE show from Walnut Hills so we have a fond farewell before taking several voiceletters and an Ask Big Fatty question.

BFO1391 – Final Round of Drinks

The Fat One may be returning to the Fat Cave today but he and Auntie Vera Charles have one last round at the End of the Bar and someone may be over served. A special thanks to the Vonz (yo, yo, yo) for helping with today’s and last week’s little shows.


BFO1390 – End of the Bar 5

This episode was initially supposed to be posted on Memorial Day but someone who’s drunkie decided to change it at the end and do another one on Monday. Happy Exiting the Birth Canal to Wendy the Naughty Nanny (today) and Brian in Danbury (Saturday). Oh Lord, it’s also a full moon. State of the Station has been CHANGED to Sunday, June 2 since it’s a holiday weekend.