BFO3255 – Tight as Kim Beaver’s……

The Fat One is back with a LITTLE show filled with a recap of him day, a celebration of the Faroe Islands and LOTS of voiceletters. Happy National Lasagna Day.

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BFO2219 – Not Enough Starch

The Fat One closes out the week with 2 national anthems before taking some calls and an Ask Big Fatty question. Also there’s some quiz program chat. Happy Weekend!

CLICK HERE to see the Family Feud clip mentioned on the LITTLE show.


BFO1960 – Lathering Himself

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show in honor of Olavsoka, the Fat One gives a little Faroe Island history lesson before visiting Spotting Big Fatty, taking voice letters, answering an Ask Big Fatty question and nattering. Happy Humping!


BFO1699 – The Lady Behind the Beaver

Ólavsøka! The Fat One celebrates with Miss Beaver today with a little history lesson before dishing out a lot of PRIDE 48 info from the Sunday, State of the Station LITTLE show. Plus there are a few more newspaper headlines. Happy National Lasagna Day.