BFO2219 – Not Enough Starch

The Fat One closes out the week with 2 national anthems before taking some calls and an Ask Big Fatty question. Also there’s some quiz program chat. Happy Weekend!

CLICK HERE to see the Family Feud clip mentioned on the LITTLE show.


4 thoughts on “BFO2219 – Not Enough Starch

  1. You made me so proud today :)) Takk fyrir –
    I am back from Iceland – of course to celebrate. No over serving without the Beaver, you know 🙂
    Thanks again and SKÁL 🙂

  2. Boat race – national sport of the Faroe Islands :

    The Faroese summer is a time of traditional village festivals. The undisputed highlight of these festivals is the national sport of the Faroe Islands: the rowing competition, or as we call it: Kappróður

    Today, during Ólavsøka (28th to 29th of July), national holiday of the Faroe Islands, the championship finals are held here in Tórshavn with hundreds of youngsters and boats competing and more than half of the nation standing by cheering for their competing friends and favorite boats.

    Since the day of the Vikings rowing boats has played a big role in the Faroese society and today’s wooden boats have a distinctive Faroese design. The shape is noticeably that of miniature Viking longboats, which navigated the North Atlantic a thousand years ago.

    Even though we are less than 50.000 people on these 18 rocky islands far out in the North Atlantic Ocean we have produced many of the best rowers in the world, among them is Livar Nysted (born 1970), painter, artist and part time rower with more than 5 world records in ocean rowing – one of them was when he and three other rowers successfully crossed the North Atlantic Ocean in a rowing boat in 2010, breaking a 114-year-old record.

    Read more about Livar Nysted on Wikipedia:

    6 minutes video interview with the 5 time world record holder, Livar Nysted:

    Liver Nysteds rowing between countries and continents took him weeks, but a typical 2000 meter rowing boats race takes less than 5 minutes.

    Watch a 5 minutes short example of a Faroese boat race here:

    Photo of Suðuroying, boat representing the island of Suðuroy, is taken by Mortan Mortensen.

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