BFO1390 – End of the Bar 5

This episode was initially supposed to be posted on Memorial Day but someone who’s drunkie decided to change it at the end and do another one on Monday. Happy Exiting the Birth Canal to Wendy the Naughty Nanny (today) and Brian in Danbury (Saturday). Oh Lord, it’s also a full moon. State of the Station has been CHANGED to Sunday, June 2 since it’s a holiday weekend.


3 thoughts on “BFO1390 – End of the Bar 5

  1. Good job farty and Vera! Hope the Hats business is running smoothly!


  2. I am going to go out on a limb here…I think it is important to listen to those who have gone before, and also “kiss the ring” *homage to his aged fatness!*, and yet, I think the whole thing could be dangerous if completely be one-sided. I always listened very closely to older LGBT people, and some of the advice was quite honestly, pretty bad for a person in my own personal situation. I think there is certainly a respect to be paid to another generation, but do you think there might also be an encouragement that should come from those at the end of the bar, an encouragement that listens and responds and supports how each of us has to find his/her own way in a world that is never exactly the same two days in a row? Maybe not…but was just thinking about this…maybe this is all obvious to everyone else but me!

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