BFO825 – Day at Sea

Big Fatty loves a day at sea and today is the second one of the big cruise.  2,000 menz and no place to run.  Oh the HORROR!

5 thoughts on “BFO825 – Day at Sea

  1. Asian girl??
    WTF Bro? Did you show her the picture of me in your wallet?
    You’d better start pounding some ass soon, this trip(show) needs a FUN injection STAT!

  2. Sensible shoes??
    WTF Dude??? Did you show her the picture of K.B. and her wife that you have in your wallet? All 3 could be eating fish balls together!

  3. I thought this cruise would be about running after chicken on a boat and not about preparing them for dinner! You can only touch the Hots with a fork.

    It must have been a very very cheap cruise at the retirement centre if you have to make the food yourself!

  4. I hope to NOT see your poopy pictures! Yuk!

    And anyways, the womens bathroom at the federal building is probably as gross….. These people are pigs.

    Gross………….just sayin’

    Thank ya for spending your winnings on us…

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