7 thoughts on “BFO822 – Off to San Juan, Mexico

  1. Awww, shucks Miss Beaver! 🙂

    I Love Lucy? I was surprised Fatty didn’t recognize “Green Tea Break” from the revival of “How To Succeed in Business”…

  2. I sometimes daydream during the shows and have three kids schedules to maintain – is this the trip that ends in Walnut Hills? I sure hope they do a show – they could have their own Eat this hot show & talk about old actors, tv sitcoms of the past – I’d love to hear it – like HEe Haw & Gomer Pyle stuff – oh, sorry bigfatty – just thinking out loud.

    I had the craziest dreams this morning – and then I thought of …. Oh! Forget it, you’re on vacation – never mind me.

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