3 thoughts on “BFO821 – The Arlo Munson Test

  1. Lets face it, BigFatty – Ms Nessa has something to offer, that is far more interesting than your sphincter purse – no wonder your str8 boyfriend from the Britannias dumped you 🙂

    oh, btw, are you sure Ms Kathy Bacon is not related to you in any way? Lol, I really love her!!!

  2. Okay! I get it. I pocket dialed my mother on Monday & spoke to Larry Monday night. He knew about the pocket dial – the next morning, sure enough I pocket dialed Larry. On wednesday I called you & ended with tomorrow you will be pocket dialed – somehow I ended up pocket dialing garrett, therfore making you NOT a winner.

    My WWF’s will attest that I can spell – this phone – the words run off the page – anyway, caught up! Sounds like your trip is going well – be safe!

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