BFO820 – Sphincter Pursing

VULGAH!  The Fat One is super gassy and thinking about the end of the world and the signs that are becoming more evident.  Plus several listeners called the BFO as requested by the Fat One.  Happy Humping.

5 thoughts on “BFO820 – Sphincter Pursing

  1. Lol Ms Bacon’ s voice- letter made me laugh so hard 🙂 the other voiceletters were very funny as well. BF, you have the best and craziest listeners !

  2. Kyle’s call just reminded me that we haven’t heard the N word in a while. Are you and Nott still hot and heavy or what?

  3. Oh Ms Beaver – if you’da seen that tooth — it was nasty – she is bound to be my biggest supervIsory regret I fear! Oh well, least I got it out of the way! It takes all I have to not just say, ‘go, go, go away….’. Womp-womp!

    Hope you have a most lovely day!! You too, big fatty!

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