11 thoughts on “BFO513 – Nutty Buddy

  1. 4 fucking comments? Yes – suck it –

    if there is one thing Germans love, than it is to sing. You cannot zap through
    the tv channels without seeing someone trying to sing on every second show 🙁

    Sorry GermanBär 🙂

  2. Oh dear gussie. When I heard you speak of the “discharge on the duvet”, I finally understood why I kept hearing vommick sounds coming from the surface of the sun.


    Massive fire blocking out the sun in the Washington D.C. Area confirmed to be caused by massive duvet fire.

    Steve is an UhKer ok 🙂

  4. Did anyone else toss and turn all night after hearing the words “discharge on the duvet”?
    I would have settled for “Giant Jizz Rag”.

  5. I think you need to send the duvet to the CSI Connecticut division in Danbury so we may verify your story

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