BFO514 – Return to 2009

The Fat One thought that Chrima 2009 was over but there were some surprises in the P.O. Box to make him think otherwise.  Plus there’s the final installment of the trip t othe Warshington, DCs and some time to ponder blue cheese.  Happy weekend.

5 thoughts on “BFO514 – Return to 2009

  1. C’mon chaps from Pommie land ,help me out here…
    Bruce is a very unpoofta name for Australian men(my boys grandfather is a very masculine 6’5 Bruce)
    “New Bruce,are you a Poofta”?
    Did anybody here ever watch Monty Python????
    Rule 1: No pooftas
    Rule 2: No member of the faculty is to maltreat the Abo’s in any way whatsoever,if there’s anyone watching.
    Rule 3: No pooftas
    Rule 4: I don’t want to catch anyone not drinking after lights out.
    Rule 5: No pooftas
    Rule 6: There is no rule 6
    Rule 7: No pooftas

  2. Has it been a week yet? Have you waited long enough to hear from me? Should I have waited until the day I heard a show where you mention me? Uh, no! I have been busy – had some travel issues on my way home! No lie, I slept under 2 USA Today papers – of which I paid for one & stole the other @ 1:00 am – so cold in the Minneapolis airport – but it all worked out – Smelly has a friend in minneapolis who rushed to drive me home – 300 miles opposed to wondering when I could fly here.

    Regardless, it was nice to meet you in person – no more mystery & heck, if nothing else, I am now starving and exercising a lot more than I did before that fine dining experience ;-).

    Well, I better quit taking up your space & me and my novellas.

    I am very busy – so if you don’t hear me, know that I am hearing ya’ll.

    Toodles & gosh, I love miss kim & miss nessa & miss lala & can’t wait to catch up on avc – and it was fun to talk to archerr & tim! The LFC was fun – poor avc, thought she did such a bad job – I was starstruck – how funny, on the chitty-chat someone wrote that I must know everything there is to know about lhv ;-).

    See you big fatty – thanks for taking time to meet me! I love my prezzie too – thank you for that!!!!!

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