BFO509 – Green Pepper Swims Upstream

The Fat One is getting excited as the HORROR weekend begins.  But first he tells you about lunch with Stevie B. and a special “behind the scenes” tour at the U.S. Capitol PLUS it’s Warshington, DC Memory Lane Music Week.  Happy weekend.  Hopefully I’ll be able to talk on Monday.

BFO508 – A Day at the Smithsonian

Big Fatty gets some culture and, after eating the yogurt, he goes to the Smithsonian for an interesting afternoon in the Warshington, DCs.  Plus today we have the return of “Memory Lane Music.”  Woo Hoo.  It wasn’t as cold today but still cold.  Happy National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day.

BFO507 – Secret Guest in Da House!

The Fat  One is working on his reputation by bringing a FEMALE guest to his hotel room for an appearance on today’s show.  Plus there’s voiceletters and a generous serving of natter pudding.  Happy Hump Day from the Warshingtons (did I mention that it’s fucking cold here?)

D.C. Hootenanny

A great time was had by all as did the adult beverages.  Everyone got a prize plus a chance to meet and touch an International Internet Celebrity.  Special thanks to Woody for getting BF home safely and for taking the photos (the reason he’s not in any of them — womp womp).

The “Dangerous and Lovely Podcast” boys (Davy and Zahkabee) and their friend Liz.

Ron Prada-Soho and Scott (accomplished actor and writer of the upcoming book, “Vera THINKS we’re friends.”)

Patron Saint of the BFO Tim Corrimal and infamous podcast listener Stevie B.

Drunk panhandler asking for handouts near the pop-cone machine.

BFO506 – Yawnfest and Tired Puppies

Big Fatty has moved into the new Warshington, DCs, studios and can barely stay awake to tell you about the wonderful Hootenanny on Sunday night.  Look for special photos at Noon EST.  Did I mention it’s fucking cold here?

BFO505 – Gazing With Woody

The Fat One is in the Warshington, DCs and takes time to chitta-chat with his escort, Woody, prior to leaving for the D.I.K. Hootenanny.  A full report on the events will be on the Tuesday show.  P.S.  It’s fucking cold here.

BFO504 – A RR Samitch

The Fat One updates the guest list for the Warshington, DC, hootenany before delivering devasting news on the coupon.  A happy 30th birthday wish to someone comes just prior to voiceletters.  Happy weekend!

BFO503 – Not on My Game

The Fat One is recording later than normal and natters through 20 minutes of apologizing to his Str8 boyfriend and a little story before taking an impromptu “Ask Big Fatty” question.

BFO502 – Str8 Bob’s Boobs

Big Fatty has a personal appeal to you on behalf of his Str8 boyfriend.  It’s kinda unusual but what do you expect from BF’s Str8 BF.  But there’s a surprise and some voiceletters too so a little something for everyone.  Happy 1st Hump Day of 2010.