D.C. Hootenanny

A great time was had by all as did the adult beverages.  Everyone got a prize plus a chance to meet and touch an International Internet Celebrity.  Special thanks to Woody for getting BF home safely and for taking the photos (the reason he’s not in any of them — womp womp).

The “Dangerous and Lovely Podcast” boys (Davy and Zahkabee) and their friend Liz.

Ron Prada-Soho and Scott (accomplished actor and writer of the upcoming book, “Vera THINKS we’re friends.”)

Patron Saint of the BFO Tim Corrimal and infamous podcast listener Stevie B.

Drunk panhandler asking for handouts near the pop-cone machine.

San Fran Meet and Greet Photos

Big Fatty was overwhelmed with the turnout at the Saturday night hootenanny.  Here are some of the photos.  More coming tomorrow.

Arick West and Anthony the Over-Beverager

Arick West and Anthony

Miss Melinda’s Brother in Law, Steve, and her husband, Chris (or Michael)

Eric’s friend Larry (BF couldn’t say his REAL name) and Eric

Joe and The Nip (Jamie)

Larken and Logan

Miss Melinda and Miss Kitty