3 thoughts on “BFO504 – A RR Samitch

  1. Unfortunately homeland security won’t let the beaver into your country, because she is too fat for the full body scanners 🙁
    But I am sending all my love to you and all the many many participants of the meet&greet.
    Have fun and safe travels dear!

    xo kb

  2. When is a good time to do a drive-by on my train?? Tues or Wed or Thur!

    I would like to clarify Miss Kathy is not backing out!! BF is deleting w/o reading all my inquiries! From the sounds of the forecast I may feel right @ home there!!

    If it weren’t for the children I would demand Larry show up – but I am ging to be hoisting it up in Frederick!! And I would hate to not be able to see his precious face!!!

    ;-). Seriously – we are 10 metro stops apart – I hope to see you! You got my cell number, just call me!!!!!

    Later not so Fat!

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