4 thoughts on “BFO519 – Frosty Fruit

  1. Oh dear Mrs Gussie!! This really has been a busy work week indeed – but thanks to you BigFatty there is always something to keep up my spirits – at least for 20 minutes a day.

    Can*t wait for you telling us all about your digital-physical 🙂 Make sure your doctor wears his life line. Or else he might get lost in there, the poor thing!

    Thanks For Ruining – Kisses 🙂

    xo kb

  2. I am NOT dead. I have been very busy this week and simply haven’t had time to podcast. I did post on my website my reactions to the iPad. I’ll record a podcast later this weekend.

  3. I believe the rock skrimps are also on sale, but you probably don’t eat that nonsense. Incimedentally, I will probably be in Chashtun for my birthday. I will email you if that is the case.

  4. I like the 8 o’ Clock Coffee too! Fruit is still seasonal, unless you pay top dollar for it at Whole Foods. If you buy apples out of season they’re just from giant frozen storage somewhere. That’s why strawberries right now are SO damned expensive. They never make a coupon for the fruit! Miss L loves the fruit.

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