BFO1586 – Frog in the Throat

The Fat One closes out Gin Week with Hendrick’s in his mouth and make many VULGAH references. But there’s a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and voice letters to help fill the nattering. Happy weekend!


BFO1478 – A Mile Away

The Fat One has nothing today so he natters with Poodle the whole time. Sit back and enjoy the event. Happy Humping!

Here’s the Archie Bunker link.


BFO617 – I Had a Moment

Big Fatty has a list today which includes some things he saved about the weekend and a recap of his mail delivered to the Fat Cave during the vacay.  Happy National Lobster Day.

BFO517 – A Big Old Sack With Pockets

Oh Dear Gussie… Big Fatty is opening the mail today so the train never has a chance to stay on the tracks.  It’s so interesting that you’ll be talking about it for days!  Happy National Chocolate Cake Day.