BFO516 – Australia Day

Dear Gussie it’s Australia Day…. except in Australia (it was yesterday because they are in the future).  Big Fatty has some sound issues which resolve themselves once entering the Fat Cave to talk about the quiz programs.  Happy National Pistachio Day (per Levi who still has his pants off – which disturbs Sarah).

5 thoughts on “BFO516 – Australia Day

  1. Did you know on this Australia Day, that Australians are either employed as a) Department of Salt employees, b) Kangaroo Sheperds or c) Telephone Horoscope Readers, well they are in the future already!

    Of course the rest are unemployed Aussie Battlers!

    I roared with laughter at Sandy Balls, I have never heard of Sandy Balls…well not since I was a child! I see they are also into Camping. I should get tickets right away! LOL

  2. Oh my, it’s even funnier when you hit the Sandy Balls website!

    Apparently “Things are hotting up at Sandy Balls”!!!!


    “Triathletes descend on Sandy Balls ”


    ” the unique charm of Sandy Balls can be enjoyed 365 days a year.”

    SteveINtheUhK (scratching his Sandy Balls!)

  3. I was all set to be grumpy about having to endure the theme music for the West Island, on account of their special day an all. I was grumpy especially because OUR national holiday falls on a weekend this year, so we won’t be similarly honoured. Yeah, grumpy. But then I heard you congrats for our anniversarium, and I just melted. Thank you, BF!!

  4. Hey BF. I thought you had everyones birthday on a list. Brian said he did not think you had. It was Brian’s on the 12 th of this month and mine was on the 18th, mine to have been on the same day as MLK.Jr. day. How has your Hamasal been, has it kept you warm this winter?

    Brian and I are still creating more Hamasals. Last Sunday evening, we working on one and dam if I was not killing Brian with a green obnoxious gas. Then low and behold Brian started in retaliation, thank god neither one of us smoked or lit a match because we would have blown up this place literaly. And of course Brian said his do not smell as bad as mine did. He would spray the room with flowery freshner spray, then it smelled like farts and roses, and shitty roses for that matter.

    I am finally going to be able to get out of this nursing home very soon. As soon as I can find an apartmnet to live in and is affordable to me, I am now officially on disability and getting housing assitance. I am very happy about this I am ready to be back in my own king size bed. compared to this dam twin bed I use here.

    David in Denver

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