BFO130 – Shake, Rattle and Roll (of Fat)

Big Fatty speculates as to what caused the Earthquake in Los Angeles before he plays voice letters and “Memory Lane” music.  He also exposes “someone’s conscience” for topsy-turvey double talk.  Look out for the carnage from this derailment.

2 thoughts on “BFO130 – Shake, Rattle and Roll (of Fat)

  1. One: I am fat. But not as fat as you. They are now saying the epicenter of the quake was somewhere in the Carolinas.

    Two: You are wrong about my conscience. He IS with me all the time. I was trying to get him to confirm that fact this morning, but I can’t find him.

    Three: What was I talking about?

    Pretty good Kermit kisses,

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