6 thoughts on “BFO129 – Plinko Plunder

  1. Mr. Big Fatty,

    I was having much trouble getting today’s episode. It made me sad to not have the Fat One in my life today, but I managed to download it now. Now I’m ruined and couldn’t be happier.

    Big Dumb Donkey Girl

  2. I used to watch Car 54 Where Are You? on Nick at Night when my family first got cable. I loved this show, even if it was before my time.

  3. I saw Car 54 in reruns (I think it was also Nick at Night) and loved it, so much so that, of course, I memorised the theme song. I swear, if I could set my life to theme songs and commercial jingles, I’d never forget anything. I don’t remember anything about Kruschev, but Eisenhower was apparently US president when I was born…

  4. Oh BF. I love you hard! You’re actually not the first person to mention that my email header reads “flyinthebutt”! And I don’t mind at all you giving out my secret identity.

  5. Well Big Donkey Girl you seem to be having problems with getting Podcasts. Maybe you should just give up using a computer all together.

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