BFO129 – Plinko Plunder

The Fat One heads to the Fat Cave today to talk about some poppiness on the Price is Right.  He also calls out some more pod faders and plays “Memory Lane” music for your Hump Day.

6 thoughts on “BFO129 – Plinko Plunder

  1. Mr. Big Fatty,

    I was having much trouble getting today’s episode. It made me sad to not have the Fat One in my life today, but I managed to download it now. Now I’m ruined and couldn’t be happier.

    Big Dumb Donkey Girl

  2. I used to watch Car 54 Where Are You? on Nick at Night when my family first got cable. I loved this show, even if it was before my time.

  3. I saw Car 54 in reruns (I think it was also Nick at Night) and loved it, so much so that, of course, I memorised the theme song. I swear, if I could set my life to theme songs and commercial jingles, I’d never forget anything. I don’t remember anything about Kruschev, but Eisenhower was apparently US president when I was born…

  4. Oh BF. I love you hard! You’re actually not the first person to mention that my email header reads “flyinthebutt”! And I don’t mind at all you giving out my secret identity.

  5. Well Big Donkey Girl you seem to be having problems with getting Podcasts. Maybe you should just give up using a computer all together.

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