BFO127 – Apple Weekend

Big Fatty brings back the regular Memory Lane music and chats about the GRAND OPENING of the new Apple Snack store in Charleston.  He throws in some voice letters too!

3 thoughts on “BFO127 – Apple Weekend

  1. Loved the opening of the show. I totally got the Memory Lane Music when it started. I loved that TV show. Have you seen the original movie, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir?

    I’m jealous that you and Larry got to go to the new Apple store and get a cool T-Shirt. I like the packaging. When I got mine years ago, they just handed it to me.

    I saw you and Larry at the beginning of the video. Very cool!

  2. Things must be slow in Charleston if you and cousin Larry got up and early to go stand in line at the new Apple Snack Store. I loved hearing the stories about it. And how much do we love a free T-Shirt.

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