BFO975 – Fistacuffs

The Fat One takes it off the tracks early and keeps it confused as he natters about the Quiz Programs and politics.  DEAR GUSSIE!

6 thoughts on “BFO975 – Fistacuffs

  1. Don’t make me listen to all of this again. Didn’t you tell us about your little dance with Vera
    during that rapture dinner? Or did I have a really odd dream again?

  2. oh Lord – I did it. I relistened to all of it – and you were right. and I was wrong and I am so sorry.
    To my defense, that bit about Chaz waddling around like a little penguin (at 6:05) must have triggered somehow that false memory. Oh my goodness, what’s this? The incepted Beaver with Leonillo di Cabriolet? I am confused. Don’t play this on the show.

  3. I feel so ashamed. I have lost it. Clueless fat and bald. KaBa is right. I will step down and go into lurking too. Cheerio old friend and thanks for the ride.

  4. Even Kimmie has taken to a ‘don’t play this on the show’ but then she recovers and plans to go lurking with me too.

    Funny she does not mention bat $hit Crazy – does she leave 5 messages of which make no sense or is it just me?

    I love the b….well, Kim loves the beaver, I love Kim, not the same. We both love you, that is the same –

    I only had 2 Morgans at the pub, as moosep calls it.


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