6 thoughts on “BFO975 – Fistacuffs

  1. Is there a video of vera and you? Honestly, I would sleep with man (eww) to see that.

  2. Don’t make me listen to all of this again. Didn’t you tell us about your little dance with Vera
    during that rapture dinner? Or did I have a really odd dream again?

  3. oh Lord – I did it. I relistened to all of it – and you were right. and I was wrong and I am so sorry.
    To my defense, that bit about Chaz waddling around like a little penguin (at 6:05) must have triggered somehow that false memory. Oh my goodness, what’s this? The incepted Beaver with Leonillo di Cabriolet? I am confused. Don’t play this on the show.

  4. I feel so ashamed. I have lost it. Clueless fat and bald. KaBa is right. I will step down and go into lurking too. Cheerio old friend and thanks for the ride.

  5. Even Kimmie has taken to a ‘don’t play this on the show’ but then she recovers and plans to go lurking with me too.

    Funny she does not mention bat $hit Crazy – does she leave 5 messages of which make no sense or is it just me?

    I love the b….well, Kim loves the beaver, I love Kim, not the same. We both love you, that is the same –

    I only had 2 Morgans at the pub, as moosep calls it.


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