9 thoughts on “BFO972 – The Story of Our Life

  1. Forgot about judgment day, today! Shouldn’t have gone to the gym last night! Maybe I can walk off this unsteady job by noon.

    I can’t wait to hear the show. Right now I am watching my computer at work ‘not work’. Three times a charm they say! That’s what I say about my first tru loves marriage record. He’s on his second marriage. Yup! When he’s done with that wife and asks me … Oh, that’s right I got J – he’s hawt.

    Well, I am going to the IT department. No time for this! Out Network went down yesterday around 12 noon!!!!! Meh!

  2. CONUS – you are so funny!!!!

    The other day when you were reading something and they missed a word in there – I was shouting at the phone when you weren’t saying the word.

    Do not play it on the show is so funny – I love how people are using it up – if only they heard what was not played on the show – like the last message I sent – about choking my JErald – 🙂 yikes – do not play that on the show –

    Alright – thanks Bob – love it!!!

    And I just jogged a half mile now I have a 60 minute P90X Legs and Back video to do – killer work out!!

    Speaking of running, I am going to shoot for a marathon a week – starting Monday mornings – Wish me luck!!

  3. That’s what happens when your sitting programming the NEW app for the BFO, you loose all track of time and well the end of the world just passed me by! Awkward! LOL

    Do you think the great Hydrogen will take a note from my mother….if I write it in her illegible writing? LOL

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