BFO968 – Muffled by the Masses (NOT!)

The Fat One recaps a busy and tiring weekend before talking about things that were in the P.O. Box.  Happy National Pasta Day.

BFO967 – Sponsored by Moose P.

Today’s show made possible by Moose P. since he pretty much supplied the content.  But do you really give a cluck?  Do ya?  Happy Weekend!

BFO966 – Natural Gas

The Fat One natters about the iPhone upgrade before playing some voiceletters and answering an “Ask Big Fatty” question.  Happy 10-13 (Weather — road report)

BFO965 – In A Cup, Bedside

The Fat One heads into the Fat Cave to natter about the Quiz Programs before opening a special surprise package that just gives him a case of the giggles.  Happy National Popcorn Popping Month.

BFO964 – Sexually-Charged

The Fat One has great news on today’s LITTLE SHOW plus has time to play quite a few voiceletters including the “Fried Food Report” from the Texas State Fair.  Happy World Egg Day.

BFO963 – Dead Snowflake

The Fat One starts the show and then realizes that the Blue Snowflake microhoist has died.  WOMP WOMP.  Then he get’s his old headset out and boy does it sound odd.  Good luck with this one.

BFO962 – Stink Bombs

The Fat One has a few things to discuss today to include the coupon, gas and Steve.  Plus there was something in the P.O. Box and someone exited the birth canal on this date.  Happy National Frappe Day.

BFO961 – Neon Signs

The Fat One takes it immediately off the tracks as he natters about this and that without any rhyme nor reason.  Plus there are some e-letter jokes to share.

BFO960 – Into the Back Room

The Fat One can smell again and gives you a full report about the nose.  Plus there’s a flying cow and some bacon calendar and a surprise or two.  Happy National Apple Betty Day.

BFO959 – Smell of Stench

The Fat one finishes the weekend recap, plays some voiceletters and has a little bit of serious discussion on today’s Little Show.  Just for today, here’s one of the last pictures of the Fat nose.  Womp Womp.