6 thoughts on “BFO964 – Sexually-Charged

  1. WTF????
    I left a 2nd message asking him not to play it, and he didn’t play it. It was a tribute to Ka-bay.

  2. You kids are too funny – I am so touched and delighted that you would leave a message that cannot be played on the show. Sadly the BFO does not have a special folder for those messages, they just get filed with all the others. I really feel as though I should purchase big fatty some external storage device on which he can store all these unplayable messages.

    love you all, sincerely.

    p.s. I had a new employee start today or I would have been in here a long time ago. I got off work at 3:55, came home, got D, took her to dance, came home and sorted and started the weekend laundry, started supper, ran back and got S, brought her home, finished supper, rotated laundry, went to the gym for an hour and then came home to eat – now I am playing with my new keyboard i bought to go with the MBP. Loves it!! Think I am going to blog again.

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