7 thoughts on “BFO959 – Smell of Stench

  1. $10 a kilo for bananas is down from @ $16
    Greek style potato recipe: Grease them from behind of course

  2. Such a lovely tribute to Big Licky’s step-pappy. I always knew you had a heart.

  3. You need some sun glasses and are you putting on your sunscreen???

  4. How dare he!! I want a fat brownie and frog filled pancake! Take me to Texas!! Bjorn & I are neighbors, he periodically. – and that has nothing to do with a monthly cycle – hahahaha that’s gross! Anyway, he goes to Fargo, ND and that is just 200 miles from me. Can you guess which direction??

  5. Seriously – I cannot wait until it gets too cold out for people to go out – if you keep on this VONZ thing – I cannot believe that no one has called you to tell you what a GREAT impression you do of The Fonz. Henry Winkler would be proud. Sorry BigFatty – I got your back on most things – but …. you tube and practice, just saying.

    Oh, maybe you know a voice ac…..oh, nothing, forget it.

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