BFO960 – Into the Back Room

The Fat One can smell again and gives you a full report about the nose.  Plus there’s a flying cow and some bacon calendar and a surprise or two.  Happy National Apple Betty Day.

4 thoughts on “BFO960 – Into the Back Room

  1. So glad that nothing broke. See how important it is to wrap up your most precious things safely?

  2. str8 guy to the rescue…a woman privates are sometimes refered to as meat curtains.Maybe that’s what it was supposed to be.
    That has to be a record dry spell for you, or maybe when you went to the Horrah a couple of years ago and kinda struck out?
    Anyways….someone has a little show #1000 coming up!!!!

  3. Oh no – as I hear there are no gentleman callers calling – well, that was quick.
    Out of sight – out of mind. Or in his case, out of sling – out of swing. Ruined!

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