5 thoughts on “BFO962 – Stink Bombs

  1. Happy Columbus day weekend my dear! Our queen is very alive thank goodness.
    I’ll call you however when she kicks the bucket.
    Nithing in the po box from the beavers? Oh dear, we’ll have to wait again til chrimma… Thanks American Postal Service… MissFormerlyKnownAsWes needs to write a letter!

  2. 5 (letter) X the money….Haaaaaa!!!!!!!
    Hope you have a great weekend BF, get ta steppin on that new workout routine!!!!

  3. Oh lordy, what have I done? I live in fear when I see the word Steve on a BFO 🙂

    I’m up to my neck in paperwork, but this calls for an extra break…a nice frothy coffee and something big and fat in my earhole…ooh! LOL

  4. I never wished for any one to die before and meant it – but I hope the Queen does die, if only you will play Kims call on the show, if not, forget it ~ maybe she doesn’t like her calls played on the little show either, she is a KB, too, you know!!

    I think because they are closing the post offices all around me, even though I can see the post office out my front window, I think they wait until someone significant has a piece of mail in the box before they load those letters up and send them off to Minneapolis/St. Paul to be processed.

    I am eating tomatoes. Just so they won’t go to waste when we are gone. I (insert the F word here, add -ing) hate tomatoes. Go figure..

    Well – back to the light sockets and stuff –

  5. News Flash- Robbie Williams has left Take That- Again!
    Gary Barlow said it was beautiful while it lasted.

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