3 thoughts on “BFO966 – Natural Gas

  1. Didn’t know the intertubes FatGas natural gas pipes had enough pressure to diliver to the Mexicos! I should check my provider and change to another one so that my cooking doesn’t smell like stink!

  2. THANK YOU for not playing those messages on the show….oh, but that one, you did ~ just kidding.

    I am typing this at home on my new keyboard ~ so, I can type a lot more ~ lets see, I am eating my lunch because I missed lunch and I am not going to be compensated for it. That is the last time that will happen this week.

    Speaking of this week, what did I tell you? Four day weeks take an eternity to end!!

    I was so busy today I barely had time to use the terlit much less send you a message here.

    I can pod fade if I want. What else did you say on the little show……well, all I can say is people better start playing with me on the little shows or I might as well go play with Jerald – you know what I mean 🙂 I am so funny. Or not.

    So, I will take your advice then and I will watch all the dancing with the stars shows.

    Isn’t Wes Stone so fun? I wish I would have called him when I was in San Diego a couple years ago – I might get to go to Sacramento in December – but who knows. I am not very mappy so maybe thats a million miles away from him.

    So, not to be all parental on you – but hope the nose is fine. I think Ricky’s show should do a big fatty nose contest. Gol, I wish I knew when I sent that money – I suppose that is why you shouldn’t staple money.

    Well, I got off work at 4 and now I have to make my WWF’s moves, get dressed for the gym, rotate the laundry, take whats her name to dance and then go to the gym, I will be home by 6:30 and that is the story of my life.

    Have a Good Night and thanks for tolerating me always, you are the best. And Seriously.

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